Instructor Feature – Alan Apt

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Alan Apt began his journey in adaptive sports 28 years ago when his son joined the Ignite Adaptive Sports program. Living in Fort Collins, Alan was a ski patroller on Cameron Pass. Being so far away from the big resorts, Alan decided to add telemark and backcountry skiing to his list of hobbies. Looking for a way to help others, Alan began his role as an Adaptive Instructor on the slopes of Winter Park. “I realized I was looking for something smaller and more personable, so I switched here, ESRP (Ignite’s former name) at that point, and I am still here,” Alan says. 

Now starting his 16th season as a volunteer with Ignite Adaptive Sports, Alan continues to inspire and be inspired.  Alan recalls one of his previous Veteran athletes. “He was really struggling, unable to use one side of his body on an extremely cold day. We finally got back to the trailers and I told him he did not have to go back out there. He looked at me and said ‘Remember, it’s easier for me to ski than it is for me to walk.’ That was a real eye opener. When you have so many different challenges, our program helps compensate, overcome and empower those who are facing such challenges. I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing.” 

Alan embodies everything Ignite stands for. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy winter sports, regardless of skill or ability level. People like Alan help us achieve our goal through their generous donation of time and skill. Thank you, Alan, for all you do for Ignite Adaptive Sports. 

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