Volunteer Spotlight: Stacey Lunn

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Many of you already know the wonderful Stacey Lunn, our Equipment Manager at Ignite. We sat down with Stacey for an inside look on what it’s like to manage our adaptive snowsports equipment — and why it matters to her. Learn what makes our equipment unique.

What’s your role as Equipment Manager?

“I’m in charge of inspecting all sit skis, tether belts, ski bikes, snowboards, boots, inventory, and conducting yearly binding tests. Since taking on this role, I have been able to replace most of the older alpine and snowboard fleets, and upgrade and add many additional pieces of adaptive equipment to meet our athletes’ needs.”

Do you have a favorite memory at Ignite?

“There are so many — it is hard to choose just one! A highlight was making a “lurking pole” for Ignite athlete Finley, which we coined as “bi-ski lurking”. This helped him to start becoming more independent, and he is now learning to use handheld outriggers. Another fun memory that goes with this was having Kevin Wilson [Ignite’s Operations Manager] go out on his monoski to do demos and give pointers. It’s another step in Finley learning to become more independent.”

What makes Ignite’s equipment inventory unique?

“We’re able to purchase proper equipment to fit our athlete’s ever-changing needs to foster independence. We also have our own fleet of alpine, snowboard and Nordic equipment (unlike many other adaptive programs, where you have to go to a rental shop to fit the athlete). What often surprises people about our equipment is the fact we have so many options to accommodate a wide variety of athlete needs. Along with that is the surprise of seeing how much stuff is packed into small spaces!”

Why are you passionate about this work?

“I share the joy of sliding on snow with such a variety of athletes, and I’m passionate about accommodating their disability/ability.  It’s such a good vibe to be there with all the different instructors and athletes. Everyone is always willing to give input and share experiences and ideas.”

What do you enjoy doing outside of volunteering with Ignite?

“Outside of Ignite, I love to design and make custom quilts! For a sneak peek, check out my website, snowboundquilts.com. I also enjoy cooking, playing the dulcimer, gardening, hiking, biking, camping, and skiing.”

Thank you, Stacey, for the incredible difference you make for our athletes, volunteers, and families. You are the best! 

Do you want to join Stacey as a volunteer? Learn how to become a volunteer with Ignite Adaptive Sports. 

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