Volunteer Award Winners 2019

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Each year Ignite Adaptive Sports recognizes and highlights some of the most incredible and devoted volunteers. Listed below are the winners of the 2018-2019 Season Volunteer Awards. A job well done and a huge debt of gratitude from the entire organization. Thank you!

Volunteer of the Year – Mike Ahlbrand,
Honorable Mention to Jared Coleman and Matt Wight

Rookie of the Year – Mike Doran

Nordic – Alan Apt

VI – Lofton Henderson

Bi/Mon – Jason K.,
Honorable Mention to Alex Thackeray

Client Services – John Van Sickle,
Honorable Mention to Nancy Bell

Equipment – John Neumann,
Honorable Mention to Sean Bryant

Junior – Maddie Gallop,
Honorable Mention to Theodore Johnson Mencimer

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