Ignite Tonight Gala – A Note From the Executive Director

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Dear Igniters,

August has finally arrived, and we cannot believe we are approaching the Ignite Adaptive Sports’ 5th Annual Gala! We are excited to have everyone come together at the end of this month to help raise the much-needed funds for our adaptive snowsport program. The funds raised on August 28th are of vital importance to our organization.

Five years ago, when Bill Goldstein and Jana Ward approached former Board Member, David Levin, about the possibility of Ignite throwing its first Gala, David was ecstatic. With the rest of the Board of Directors on board, we were blown away when that first Gala raised over $50,000 for Ignite. Since then, year after year, the Gala has brought in funds needed to improve and grow our organization.

Funding from past Galas has…

  • given Ignite the gift of a new van to transport Veterans to their lessons. This van has proven to be an important tool that has enabled us to grow the number of Veterans we serve each season. This van, now growing in age will need repairs and maintenance in the upcoming years.
  • provided the seed money necessary to get a Special Use Permit for our permanent home (no easy task). Without the funds from the Gala, getting the ball rolling on our new permanent home would have been incredibly difficult.
  • provided the groundwork for our Moving Mountains Capital Campaign, where we were tasked with raising $1.9 Million for our new home at Eldora. As or right now we have $600,000 left to raise until we meet that goal.

Through the success of past Galas, our supporters helped provide more than 5,000 lessons to over 1,000 Ignite Athletes. Just incredible!

As you know, we had to cancel last year’s event because of the pandemic. That makes this event even more important. The money raised this year will go to supporting the Moving Mountains Campaign, much needed improvements, and upgrades in our adaptive equipment. It will also allow us to continue to serve more Veterans (free of cost) and help us expand our Scholarship Program (which allows anyone, regardless of ability to pay, access to a day on the snow).

So I’m asking you, will you join us on August 28th for an all-outdoors special evening, to raise money for Ignite Adaptive Sports? You will enjoy the incredible Hazel Miller & The Collective band, fun games, catch up with friends, make new friends, listen to stories, and continue to show your support for our athletes and their families.

I hope to see you on August 28, 2021, outdoors, on the East Lawn of the Wards Farm. It will most definitely be an evening to remember.


Carol Nickell
Executive Director

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