Moving Mountains Update – Start Your Fundraiser

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Simple Instructions for Setting Up Your Fundraising Page on Colorado Gives

So, how do I get started?

These are the steps for creating your fundraising team for Ignite Adaptive Sports Grassroots Campaign on Colorado Gives in just a few minutes!
  1. Go to and log in or make a donor account.
  2. Click My Account (top right), then My Campaigns (middle), then the + Create Campaign button (upper right).
  3. In the Organization Name box, type Ignite, and choose Ignite Adaptive Sports.
  4. Click “Use this template” for the “Moving Mountains Grassroots Fundraising Campaign 2021.”
  5. You can edit this almost-ready-to-go web page (replace the CAPITALS) to make a custom page for you or for a fundraising team you form.  Choose a “title”, (could be a team name), and customize the “summary” to tell why you support Ignite. Make a web address by filling in the blank after with: movingmountains2021teamname (or yourname)
  6. Fill in any other blanks like a “personal appeal” short blurb on what you’re asking; a goal amount for you or your team; a start and end date (page creation date – June 30, 2021). You can add or change the photos and videos if you want or keep them as is.
  7. Click “Save” and “Submit.” Ignite will email you in a day or so that your page is up and running.
  8. Most importantly: email your page link to friends, family, co-workers, post it on social media, and watch it take off!