In 45 years, Ignite Adaptive Sports has grown from just ten students to over 300 students, from ten volunteers to over 250, and now it is time to reflect that growth by going from what began in the back of a van, to a state of the art facility.
This new building will allow Ignite to provide snowsports lessons to more than 300 students living with disabilities. Our goal is to construct a two-story building with approximately 6,000 square feet on each floor. The first floor will house Ignite operations. The second floor will provide wheelchair/sit-ski access to the mountain and house Eldora’s Children’s Ski School.
The new building will provide:
  • A permanent building to house Ignite operations
  • Program stability and commitment to the disabled community
  • Expanded space for students, equipment and volunteers
  • A quieter, less hectic environment for those with cognitive impairments, sensory processing disorders, traumatic brain injury and other special needs
  • More efficient and effective delivery of services to students
  • Potential for additional lessons delivered, by supporting larger numbers of students and volunteers
  • Potential for additional weekday operations
  • Improved access to ski lifts

Starting in late January and running through June, we are launching a grassroots effort to raise $150,000 toward the building of the new Ignite World Headquarters and we need your help!

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