Sponsors and Supporters

Eldora Mountain Resort has been a constant and generous sponsor of Ignite. Their support comes in the form of lift tickets, space for our facilities, and numerous other services. Without their support the program could not exist.
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Donors 2016-2017

Below is our list of donors, from January 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 . Thank you for your support of Ignite Adaptive Sports.


Anschutz Family Foundation
Community Foundation of Boulder County
Levin Family Foundation
Virginia Hill Foundation
Wolf Family Foundation

Hero’s Fund – Three Year Commitment

$10,000 Level
Joyce Van Lines/ William Joyce
David & Roberta Levin
Finn Murphy
Sagner Family Foundation

$5,000 Level
Susan Levin
John & Jennifer Peterson

Snow Angels – $4950 and more

Ackerman Family Foundation
Albertsons-Safeway Foundation
Robert Anderson
Anschutz Family Foundation
Judith Cogen
Disabled Sports USA
John G Duncan Charitable Trust
Scott Peppett
Schuster Family Foundation
David Sylvester
Tebo Development
Dr Michael Travis
Virginia Hill Foundation
Wolf Family Foundation

Double Black Diamond – $2,500 to $4,949

Anna Baldwin
Clif Bar Family Foundation
Fresh Baked
Paula Galloway
Great Western Bank
Lynn Morgan Gift Fund
McGuckin Hardwayre
Oreg Foundation

Black Diamond – $950 to $2,449

1st Bank
Awesome Boulder
Battelle Always Giving Program
Terri Benjamin
BSW Wealth Partners
Collins Foundation
Conscience Bay Company
CU Sports Medicine
Andrew Franklin
John Galloway
Horizon Prosthetics Frontline Medical
christy hoyl
Gary Jacobs
Kaiser Permanente
Thomas Karol
Kissinger Family Foundation
Robert Klutznick
Liquor Mart
Marshall & Lori Maran
Stuart Ollanik
Robert Patterson
David Prinster
Rebecca Seuberling
Michael Stein
The April Fund
The Atlantic Group
Edward Thieme
Butch Weaver
Mary Weis-Fout

Blue Square – $250 to $949

Battelle Memorial
David Beerman
Joscelyn Blumenthal
Katherine Brennan
Scott Briskie
Andrew Cousin
Kathy Coyne
Debbie Day
Peter Dunigan
Harris Faberman
Mindy Gehrs
Gilad Gordon
Pat Japenga
Keith Jimmerson
Delia Knierim
Lavanya Kraus
Jim Loftis
Kevin Merrigan
Jeanie Nelson
Northrup Grumman Corporation
Michael Osterman
Laming Paine
Martin Pearlman
Paula Pollachek
Steve Poulsen
Kenneth Romanzi
Patty Sharp
Ms Christine Shaw
Femi Shote
David Vines
Pete Vizzard
Robert Ward
Amy Weiss
Karsten Witt
Caroline Zug

Green Circle – up to $249

Daniel Abramowitz
Kelly Adler
Ray Andrea
Bob Annear
Jessica Ball
Debi Baydush
Dennis Beck
Ann Behringer
Pamela Bennett
Susan Berman
Gabriel & Tamara Bodner
Boettcher Foundation
Bright Funds Foundation
Rich Broyles
Harold Bruff
David Bye
Julie Cavalier
Michael Chapman
George Clough
Patricia Cohen
Tony Coleman
Stephen Courtman
Janell Daly
Donald Deane
Mark Detsky
Jeff Doktor
John Dyni
Linda Dziadyk
Ashley Eleveld
Eli Feldman
David Fellows
Valerie Finberg
Karen Frankel
Elisabeth Friess
Mary Galloway
Lawrence Ginsburg
David Goff
Kenneth Goldman
Roy Greenfield
Laurne Hammer
Jennifer Hammers
Sara Handing
John Hanson
Wendy Hart
Tara Hess
Sarah Higgins
Mike Higuera
Amory Host
Thomas Ingram
Jane Jepson-Beal
Orri Jonsson
Gary Kleiman
Carolyn Knaut
Abe Koukou
Eileen Lambert
Steve Latourrette
Elaine Leass
Henry Lenz
Nancy Lickiss
Kerry Lightenburger
Alan Litner
Linda Loewenstein
John LoPorto
Judy Lyman
Richard Mayo
Paul Mcconnellogue
Scott Miller
Susan Morganstein
Cait Murphy
Betty Naster
Julie Naster
Network for Good
Karen Nevins
Carol Nickell
Susan Perney
Shelly Poling
Katherine Rains
Eric Raley
Stacie Ranniger
Mary Jo Reiling
Stacy Rezak
Susan Rogers
Susan Rona
James Roos
Michael Roseberry
Leann Sander
Steve Schwartz
Donna Siegel
Pooja Singhania
Kendra Spanjer
Pat Spille
Chip Spratlen
Phyliss Stewart
Susan Stone
Emily Stonington
Stacy Stoutenberg
Laura Talley
Bruce Thompson
United Way of Larimer County
Uplsope Brewing Company
Laurie Van Grack
Jenelle Vierzbicki
David Waldman
Tom & Jana Ward
Edward Weaver
Susan Weems
Donna Werner
Kelly Will
Michelle Willix
Joanna Wittig
Andy & Hunter Wright
Lingyu Xie
Joseph Zmugg

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