Easy Ways to Donate

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It’s time to share a few easy ways to donate money you are already spending to Ignite Adaptive Sports. Do you shop at King Soopers? Amazon? Do you have an old car that you’re not using? Not sure what to do with it? We have the answers for you!

  1. King Soopers – If you shop at King Soopers or City Market, you can connect you rewards card to Ignite Adaptive Sports and a portion of your grocery bill (it’s about 3% which is HUGE) will be donated to Ignite Adaptive Sports.

    Just last quarter we received $741 with only 69 families connected to our charity. In all of 2020 we received over $3,000! That is a significant donation, and we truly thank King Soopers/City Market for this program. It’s a wonderful tool for charities to expand their fundraising ability, and for their supporters to have the ability to donate while not creating extra expenses in their budget. We believe this program has the ability to grow as we connect more families and their rewards cards to Ignite Adaptive Sports.
    • First, click here and either create an account or click “forgot password” and connect to your existing account.
    • Second, select Ignite Adaptive Sports (our charity code is VP788) to your account.
    • Third, you’re all set – you don’t have to do anything else and we will automatically receive donations from your grocery bill. – THANK YOU!
  2. Amazon Smile – If you shop at Amazon, you can also connect your account to Igntie Adaptive Sports by shopping via the URL smile.amazon.com
    • First, go to smile.amazon.com, and create or log in to your account.
    • Second, select your charity by doing a search and type in Ignite Adaptive Sports.
    • Third, select us, and you should see a green check mark confirming your selection. Then you’re all set! THANK YOU!
  3. Donate a Car to Charity – If you have an old or used car that you do not need anymore, you can donate your car to Ignite Adaptive Sports. This type of donation is much easier than it sounds.
    • All you need to do is click here and fill out all of the details. You must have the title to the car to do this and Cars takes care of the rest. THANK YOU!