Instructor Feature – Connie Eppich

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Ignite Adaptive Sports volunteers undergo training that is specifically oriented to providing a safe, fun, and educational experience for persons with disabilities. Connie Eppich, an Ignite Volunteer Instructor, knows this well. Connie has been volunteering with Ignite for many years.  After volunteering for several seasons with the adaptive ski program at Mt. Sunapee in New Hampshire, Connie began to look for an adaptive ski program in Colorado. She was looking for something that would challenge her socially, physically, and intellectually. Ignite turned out to be a perfect fit. 

During her second year at Ignite, Connie’s husband returned to New Hampshire to continue as a Professor at UNH. However, she stayed back in Boulder, while her son finished up high school.  “After a year of doing this work, I was really hooked,” Connie shares.  “The instructors here are always doing clinics and working on improving our skills. I just feel like I always have a place here.”

Connie began splitting her time between New Hampshire and Boulder, always making time for her role at Ignite. “It’s like family. I have so many close friends from this program. I never feel like I’m extraneous here,” Connie says. “I love doing things that are challenging, and up here, there is always something to be learning. I am not the type of person who can do the same thing every day. I always want to be growing.”

The strong dedication of volunteers like Connie are what push and motivate us towards achieving our mission. Volunteers are the life-force behind our program, and by supporting and investing in them with time and training, we are able to grow the future of Ignite year after year. Connie proves that even if you put a 2,000-mile barrier between yourself and Ignite, something about the beauty of the program will always draw you back.  During the 2019/2020 season, Connie and her husband spent time bicycling around the perimeter of the United States (read about it here). Although the trip was cut short (as was our season), Connie shares, “while bicycling through the southern United States this winter, I often thought about my friends at Ignite. I’m looking forward to getting back next ski season and seeing the new World Headquarters!”

Thank you, Connie, for your dedication and commitment to our program and students.

Happy #volunteerappreciationweek !!

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