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Ignite Volunteer Overview

Providing recreational snowsports opportunities for people with physical and cognitive disabilities.

For nearly 35-years, we’ve helped people of all ages living with disability to enjoy the many winter sports activities that Colorado has to offer. We’ve done this to help foster independence through team building, communication and trust. We changed our name to best reflect our commitment to our mission and our passion – extinguishing people’s fear and igniting their spirit!

The Ignite Adaptive Sports is totally dependent on the committment of its 100% volunteer staff. The Ignite program has operated for nearly 35 years with an entire volunteer population and genuinely appreciates all of the time and devotion it receives from its Volunteers. During the 2005-2006 season 1646 hours of snow sport instruction was provided to 128 students with the help of 109 volunteers. Volunteers supported the program by providing snowsports instruction, snowsports equipment maintenance and distribution, facilities maintenance, daily student lesson supervision, sign-language interpretation, and daily program administration. To prepare our volunteers for the winter snowsport activities volunteers attend training clinics to learn about adaptive equipment, teaching techniques, and administrative procedures. For on snow volunteer activities intermediate to advanced skiing, snowboarding, or cross country skiing skills are required. Benefits include free skiing at the Eldora Mountain Resort, retail discounts, financial assistance with becoming PSIA certified, and continuing education and self-improvement clinics. Committment levels vary based on the volunteering activity but in all cases a minimum of 10 days per season is required to earn returning volunteer status and returning volunteer benefits. If you are interested in volunteering with the Ignite program you will be required to complete the necessary forms and attend an orientation. Then, based on the capacity in which you choose to volunteer, you will attend the appropriate training such as equipment certification, ski and snowboard instruction, or computer administration procedures. Use the Volunteer Registration Link to access the online registration and forms. To access the Volunteer Registration you must have a valid login. For more detailed information on volunteering with the program download and review the Ignite Volunteer Manual.

New Volunteer Information

Volunteer opportunities exist in several capacities including snowsports instruction, snowsports equipment maintenance, snowsports lesson supervision, and administration. Volunteering in the capacity of a Snowsports instructor means that your energy is focused on teaching individuals with disabilities how to Snowboard, Alpine Ski, Cross-country Ski, or Snowshoe. Volunteers attend training clinics to learn about adaptive skiing/boarding techniques, adaptive equipment, and teaching techniques for individuals with disabilities.

Volunteering in the capacity of Snowsports Equipment Maintenance means that you become certified on all snowsports equipment set-up and maintenance. You attend equipment workshops to become certified and to learn how all adaptive equipment is used to support individuals with disabilities. Your volunteer day starts earlier than a snowsports instructor so you can prepare the equipment needed for the students arriving in the morning or the afternoon for their lesson. During the day you are available to address any equipment adjustments and at the end of the day you are responsible for returning the equipment inventory to its location for use the next day. Equipment volunteers are welcome to attend any snowsports instruction training as well but it is not required.

Volunteering in the capacity of Snowsports Lesson Supervisor is made available to those volunteers that have been actively involved with the program for more than two years and that understand the daily operations of the program. Snowsports Lesson Supervisors are responsible for managing the resource allocation of students and instructors, advising instructors on adaptive issues that may arise during a lesson, and for ensuring that the Ignite facilities are shut down at the end of the day. During the day Snowsports Lesson Supervisors will be on the mountain observing and assisting with lessons as necessary.

Volunteering in the capacity of administration means that you are responsible for the greeting and receiving of students and groups, managing the financial and ticketing requirements for the day, and recording all program activity into the computer. Your volunteer day starts earlier than a snowsports instructor so you can prepare the office, paperwork, and facilities needed for the students and volunteers arriving in the morning or afternoon. At the end of the day you are responsible for finalizing all of the daily reporting, backing up the computers, and preparing the facility for shutdown.

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